I heard a joke/quip yesterday that the shortest measurable period of time is the period from which a stop light turns from red to green, and the New Yorker in the car behind you honks their horn. I chuckled and thought of my NYC friends.

With that being said, things seem to be moving so fast these days. I’m working to keep up with all work, school, and projects. I know I’m not devoting enough time to each so I’m trying to get better at time sharing. This week I received two job offers for full time employment making it all that much harder to keep-the-path and stay working my own company as I have. These are jobs that I would have jumped at only one year ago and yet now I feel the need to turn them down. One path is corporate and the other is small start-up, both sound fascinating as hell and I feel I would kick-ass at.

It’s really the second time I have been recruited with an actual job scope and intent rather than, “hey, you know security. we have lots of jobs.” It reminds me of my just-out-of-college interviews with E&Y. (Granted it was for a job in Detroit, but anyway…) They never told me the position I was applying for, but I still interviewed with several people. It was like back then I could have been molded into any position (as somatic cells can be.) Now, I’m in a niche and trying to find my way within it. It is both scary and exciting at the same time. There are definite highs and lows, but it’s the same had I a corporate job.

I’m happy in San Francisco, working a job I love, and have the flexibility to work on all the projects I want to without having to ask anyone permission (or for forgiveness after I do it without permission.)

I feel like I have everything I could ask for. I’m not in this to form a great corporation or take over the world [any more], I’m in it to enjoy the life I have. I have a great family, both in SF and around the country [and world]. I have friends who I think of often and feel like the center of the universe is right here. I’m pleasantly enjoying the high and ignoring the inevitable crash that may come one day. It’s been a long time since I have felt depressed and I like that.