I’m back from almost two weeks on the road with lots of things to do. Work is keeping steady (just need to send invoices and file taxes.) And I have enough other projects to keep me busy 48 hours a day. School started up last week (while I was working 2 jobs) and continues for another 2 quarters. I’m writing lots and trying to juggle a handful of other things such as sales, projects, and volunteer efforts.

Next week This Saturday I fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ll be traveling 4 days and working 2. I’m hoping that a late departure on Wednesday means that I get a day to explore the city instead of it being another working day. I wish I could just take another week to explore Argentina, but it’s not fun to do this alone and I just don’t have the free time to turn all business travel into vacation travel.

I just spent an hour searching and can’t find if I’ll need a travel visa or not.  Some sites say I’ll need a “business visa” while other say “travel visas” are not required or easily purchased upon entry to the country.  Eeek.  I’ll confirm tomorrow what I need.

I’m home… but planning to leave already.