Last week I was at Burning Man in Black Rock City, NV. Check out the video footage here. It was a great experience and one that I use every year to reflect on my past and look towards the future. I spent 5 out in the desert but had to leave early, before the burn, to hop a flight to London. I was a little disappointed but I also accomplished everything I wanted to out there. It’s nice to get away from live, communications, and be out in a barren landscape with a kaleidoscope of colors, art, and fire. There is something about the outdoors and survival that helps remind us we are all human. I searched for meaning and found some very basic and raw emotions and feelings. The future is unknown and non-deterministic, but we can do out best and hope for a good outcome.

I’m not excited about being in London. It’s expensive, posh, and strangely foreign even with the common language and history. I feel as much a foreigner as if I was in France. I described it as “some exotic retirement community in Florida.” Maybe I’ve been reading Douglas Coupland too much or maybe it’s all true.

I’m sick of working already (day and night due to the 8 hour time difference) and just want to go home and take some more time off. I want to do some house cleaning and get some things off my to-do list.

Well, things are not too bad. I just need to get school out of the way and then things will get interesting. My plate is already full and there are too many things to do. (Mental note to write more this week.)