I traveled today on the first day of the “no liquids, gells, etc” airline ban. I don’t care about the details about the alleged people that were caught attempting to bring liquid explosives on airplanes. The fact is that all of our lives are being forever inconvenienced by this fact, at NO additional security to the airline passengers.

If you want details check out Bruce Schneier’s blog. Testing shows that TSA does not prevent any more weapons from getting past security than they did before 9/11. And ever since the “shoe bomber” we have been in a reactionary mode where all we can do is inconvenience the travelers while providing them with only a sense of security, not actually protecting them.

First was the “shoe bomber” which meant we all had to x-ray our shoes regardless if they had metal in them or not. Now we are not allowed to bring liquids onto planes. How are they going to enforce this? I can think of about 50 different ways to smuggle both explosives and liquids through the metal detector (because they are not metal) and that’s without even trying.

What good does a false sense of security provide us?

Won’t you join me by listing some items you could use to easily transport liquids through security?

  • Urine/bladder bag tied to leg
  • Fake pregnancy belly (women only)
  • Small containers in your pockets
  • Lining on the inside of your shirt and pants
  • False fat suit allowing you to pack on mass
  • Small tubes/containers strapped to body beneath clothing
  • Falsely labeled liquid medications

Update: Someone should create a website “airportcontraband.net” or “whatismugglepastTSA.net” and have people just list the things they smuggle through the airport and past TSA. Frequent fliers know better than anyone how easy it is to get just about anything onto planes.

Why is it that people feel they should never get injured while traveling via plane? People die in car accidents all day long and nobody cares, we still drive our cars on Friday nights. For some reason people feel air travel should be free of death or risk, as if the metal tube flying through the air is some magical Willy Wonka elevator that protects them from all harm.

I don’t understand why people think they are safe on modes of transportation they do not directly control but feel perfectly safe on things they control and are familiar with. When we get into a cab we are not in control and yet still are not afraid (ok, well some cab rides can be scary.)

Is it the familarity factor?  Do we fear things that that are unfamilar to us?  Why is it that putting up veils or security, by not permitting liquids on planes, somehow makes us feel safer.  There is a psychology PhD waiting to be written on this.