Another rant.

I know it’s a minor event to others but it’s important to me.  When I go to a bar and order a Red Bull Stoli the bartenders have been mixing in Rockstar instead and still upcharging me on the drink cost.  Because they think of Red Bull as a “mixer” they don’t seem to care, or think the customer cares, what they really put in the drink.

When I ask for a Coke (at least in the North) and they don’t have it the person will usually ask “Is Pepsi ok?” to which I reply yes.  And when you go to a bar and ask for a Rum & Coke they don’t mix in Pepsi without telling you.  Then why are they perfectly happy to mix in Rockstar instead of Red Bull without even asking?  If you asked for a Grey Goose Tonic would you expect them to substitute well-vodka instead without asking?

I’m in Vegas this week and for the first time a bartender actually told me “We don’t have Red Bull, is blah-other-product ok?”  I declined and ordered a Vodka Tonic.  It was that simple and I both thanked and tipped the bartender well.