I had a great weekend that started out at an awesome beer garden in San Francisco called Zeitgeist (German for “spirit of the times”). It’s a biker bar (not motorcycle, but bicycle) that has a small indoor area with a grill for order food and a large backyard patio with picnic tables where everyone sits together and socializes. The menu is slim including burgers, ribs, and a veggie burger, but the beers are nice and you can buy them by the pitcher for the new friends you are sure to meet.

We sat down at a table where someone people were celebrating a birthday and then some other non-birthday people joined us. We chatted the rest of the night with our new friends who are part of a band called Five Shots. Turns out they have only been playing together for about 4-5 months but it was nice to be able to geek out with them for a while. (Of course when we got home and looked them up on MySpace they are all around 21yo making the both of us feel rather old in age.) One of their friends recommended a few places in the Richmond to visit saying that they have some great Irish pubs. One is called Dog’s Bollix alleged to be a truly authentic place. They also pointed to a great Thursday night club called Popscene. (Don’t forget that for Wednesday night fun in SF, the party is at 111 Minna.)

From there we took a cab over to the Rickshaw Stop and along the way received a brain-full of philosophy. Our cab driver, Doug, filled the 15 minute drive with discussions about philosophy including epistemology, Plato’s allegory of the cave, Hegel, and Orwell’s personal notes on societies. Considering he never graduated high school and was self taught from his friends taking graduate studies in philosophy, he is one of the best spoken cab drivers I have ever met. All we could do is sit in the back and reply with things such as “right on, man!”

The Rickshaw Stop is an OK place in that it’s a little more indy than most places in SF. They had an eclectic bands that played until midnight and then the DJ took over spinning some mixes of 80’s and 90’s music along with some techno beats. A warning though is that it closes down at 2:00 AM; a big disappointment to us because we did not get there until 11:45 PM and had to pay the $10/person cover.

The following night we went to a place called Butter, which is iconic for being a bar in the hip 11th Street area (across the street from DNA Lounge) but caters to the faux-trailer-trash. They have an honest to god trailer out of which they serve things that can only be prepared by deep-frying them or nuking them in a microwave. Their drink menu reads with names like: R.V., Junkyard Dog, and the Tangtini, which is a specialty martini served on a Tang rimmed glass.

I liked the place and the DJ was spinning old school break beats and drum & bass while the projector showed movies like Animal House and This Is Spinal Tap, but there was no room to dance and limited seating area.