I have been lusting after a large screen TV for many months now. I keep telling Chipmonkey how badly I want one even though I don’t watch TV much and we only get 5 stations, 2 of which are in Spanish. The most TV watching I do is catching the Simpsons and South Park back-to-back on a weeknight. But this aside, much like other tecno-geeks, I have been eyeing those big screen TVs dreaming of them like I would a new Mac laptop.

The problem of course is they cost so much damn money, and I’m not willing to shell out for something I don’t use that much anyway. That was until today. A friend of my Monkey is moving to Paris and shedding all of her worldly possessions that won’t fit in a suitcase. Luckily for me that means getting rid of her Hitachi 42HDF52, a beautifully sleek 42″ Plasma screen TV. Along with it we get the surround sound system and possibly even a TV stand.

After having a conversation with John and Mike when they visited me a few weeks back I was inclined to believe that the large LCD monitors were just as good for a much cheaper price, but I can’t beat the deal I’m getting.  So next week she will drive up to the house and unload the 42″ of heavenly plasma.

What I need now is someone to tell me what I got myself into.  I don’t know if a 1024×1024 resolution is good or not, what 1080i is, or if the surround sound effects are good enough.  Can someone who knows better than me check out the specifications and let me know their thoughts? Maybe a thumbs up or down? At this point the only thing I know is that I can’t hook my computer up to it, which is a little unfortunate.