A friend of mine from Chicago has unearthed an old video he made for his high school physics class that remixes the classic Ice Ice Baby to, what else, physics lyrics.  This is one of those things that must live on forever.

Thought to be forever lost, I had all but forgotten about these videos until one of them resurfaced and found its way into the hands of one of the co-writers/performers/recorders/etc., Karol (a.k.a. “K-to-da-G-Funk”). He obtained the necessary equipment to digitize this offering and has since immortalized it right here on the Internet.

There was an old photo of me on a college web site that friends would find and jokingly taunt me with.  Years later I emailed the person hosting the web site and sent them a new picture to replace the bad one.  But in retrospect I should have left it as it’s a nice thing to look back at and smile.