Many of you may know that one of the numerous projects I am working on is a book. Well my drive to complete that project by years end just got kicked into high speed because I heard through the gossip-vine that at least one other person is also working on a book of the same topic. Eeeek! I need to get writing and have my book proposal to the publisher ASAP.

On another note I have been writing like crazy doing catchup work for school. Last week I wrote three weekly essays (points deducted for being late) and a written exam. Tonight I am staying up late writing another past due paper. Whew. When will this all end? Oh yeah, half done so less than 9 months left.

I still want to write more about credit card fraud, compromises, and the things I have learned regarding fraud. I want to write more proposals. I want to sleep more. I want to have a weekend without work.

On that note, we are scheduled to drive up north past Sacramento for a wine tasting at the vineyard of a friend-of-a-relative, but we are still up the air based on the long list of tasks. If we do go we get wined and dinned then the list comes out where we “volunteer” for a day to help with the crush. I’ve never been to a formal wine crush (only smaller ones with individual machines) so it would be a fun event to attend.