I was very happy to receive my first gallery proof copy of Brave New Ballot last month from Morgan Road Books. I read it and was surprised at what I did not know about the electronic voting machine controversy. I was amazed at how easy and under the radar the e-voting machines have been pushed by politicians who don’t understand technology any more than to say “computers are the way of the future.” 

The book description is thus:

In 2003, Aviel Rubin touched off a national debate when he revealed that security glitches in the Diebold electronic voting machines could make it easier for election results to be compromised…

In Brave New Ballot, Rubin tells the story of his role as a whistle-blower (including the toll it took on his career and family) and recounts his observations as an election judge in Baltimore County, which gave him a full picture of electronic voting in action. Addressing both technical and legal problems, he shows how easy it is to rig an election. He describes the vulnerability of computerized systems to tampering, not only by insiders like poll workers but also by outsiders able to breach the system without detection.

Aviel Rubin and his research team have sat at the heart of the electronic voting controversy since 2003 and are one of the few that are fighting for the freedom of Americans.  It continually amazes me how people and politicians push for a technology that could very easily undermine the entire voting process and introduce scandals never seen before.

Imagine if one person or a team of people could not only affect who was president, but who was elected into any political position in the US.

Avi explains the important difference between retail fraud and wholesale fraud.  Something most people don’t understand and thus don’t understand the importance of his this struggle.

Do like this guy did and pre-order a copy of the book.  It’s a must read if you are interested in electronic voting, democracy, or freedom.