If you know me then you know I’m a fan of many eclectic things, one of them being National Public Radio (NPR). My favorite stories from from This American Life but recently I’ve really enjoyed listening to This I Believe on podcast.

Most recently the story from Brian Grazer made me smile so I thought I would write about it. He has produced movies such as A Beautiful Mind and The Da Vinci Code, is well known in his industry, and yet is on his way to disrupting what could be a very peaceful retirement.

Listen to or read his story and see why sticking in a routine is not for everyone. Sometimes it’s the constant striving for something more and something different that drives people. It’s being restless when things are the same or repetitive. This is how I feel and partly why I work on so many projects simultaneously.

I thought about this last week when I walked out of a class I was teaching. I smiled because I got such great feedback on how well the class went and how enjoyable it was for everyone. If someone told me 3 or 5 years ago that I would be giving 6 hour presentations for 3 days straight I never would have believed them. I was an introvert and horrible at public speaking, but thought it would be good to get out of my comfort zone. Nobody would even let me get on the speaking circuit because they saw me as an introvert.

I followed my mantra and my desire and through brute force persistence managed to get out there and become better speaking in front of groups of people. Now I feel comfortable speaking in front of 50, 150, or 300+ people just as equally. Instead of being afraid I wonder about how I can keep them all engaged. The struggle is no longer with what to say, but how I will entertain them while I’m on stage.

It’s been a wonderful experience and I owe part of it to my Mom for never loosing faith and my friend Mark who gave me the book Do Not Go Naked into Your Next Presentation.