I was reading Amanda Congdon’s blog and found Blip.TV. It seems I’m new in finding this (since early this year), but there’s many people who prefer it over YouTube. I think YT will still be the de facto standard for now, but players like Google Video and now Blip, with advantages of giving you access to the raw video (instead of the Flash you get from YT) and the support for multiple formats (yes, even Ogg), will have an impact on the ever changing fads of the Internet.

Yes, I said it “fads”. All these hot items such as MySpace, Flickr, YouTube, and the like are only fads. I can only hope that they sell fast before the next big thing takes over. Why is this? Because they are not expanding to cannibalize their industry. Flickr has created a client side tool for uploading photos (good) and is known for your ability to upload photos from your cell phone (good), but they have not expanded to own all things related to images or for that matter media. If any current company is going to keep in the game they have to learn to integrate and innovate into owning the industry. And by innovate I mean either (1) create or (2) purchase the next ‘big’ thing in your industry.

Which leads me to this great site reviewing the new and improved Web for 2006. It has the following list of hot items: