Tonight we went out to rent movies and there was nothing I saw that looked good (as usual) so we went with two movies that Chipmonkey picked out. We were just about to leave when I got excited and quickly ran to the drama section to pick out Glenngary Glen Ross. It's a story, with a great cast, of the high pressure world of sales and "closers". This is a movie well known to every sales person I have ever met and I've been wanting to see it for a while.

On the drive home she says to me, "Sometimes I worry that you're attracted to inspired by white collar crime." It's not that I believe in crime of any sort, but I enjoy the creative thinking process that comes up with smart business ideas and crafty ways of cornering the market. If I ever had to give up my current profession and choose something entirely new I would want to be a pit trader. I love the intensity and fast paced world of stock trading. It's a world full of fast action, being bullish, and all about who you know.