I want to thank everyone who called me on my birthday.  My mom called me twice on the 20th, and Bee called me three times on the 21st.  I never mention my birthday to anyone but I love it when people remember.  This week I'm traveling in Texas: presentation in Dallas and client meeting in Austin. 

I'm running on so little sleep trying to get work done in between and upload pictures from past trips.  Whew… my process involves batch resizing the photos with some thumbnail tool, then color correcting them with Google's Picasa tool, and uploading them to the site running Gallery.  I want one tool to do it all.  Yes, I use Flickr but only for phone-cam photos.  I like having my own site with photos.

I'm excited about the party this Saturday because lots of friends will be there … oh yeah, and the presents!  Who doesn't like those?!  Last week we cleaned the house up and my better half has already prepared the menu.  It's a matter of cooking and prepping the house.  Anyone have Solstice related party games to suggest?

I'm behind on school, work, sleep, book, and need to call sales prospects to get the next few weeks planned out.  But, I'm happy.  That's a lot to say, because I am so accustom to comparing myself to those that are doing something I feel I am not (read: vicious hamster wheel of underachievement.)  But I feel happy and have been getting lots of positive feedback from clients and family.  Maybe there is an alignment of the planets that I'm not aware of or maybe it's the fact that my birthday is here.  Either way, I'm one hell of an exhausted, happy kid.