If you read this site you may have learned some things about me. Every time I write something I leave behind another small piece of information about me: eating habits, where I live, where I travel, what I do for a living, etc. I don't mean to leave so much information but it's just more fun to write about your life than about the blah-blah-blah of information security. In fact, the whole reason I started this blog was to get away from another blog I did that only covered that topic.

Today, I am much happier. Now, my family and friends actually read what I write (I think the geek stories scared half of them away and bored the rest.) One of the other things you may have learned about me is that I'm a brand whore. Yes, that's right. My friends all have names like Kenneth (Cole), Calvin (Kline Klein), and they eat fruit like Banana (Republic). I don't know why, but I believe that these clothes are somehow better than others. I know logically they are not, but something inside me says they are.

So when asked about what to get me for my birthday I suggested told my girlfriend get me a heart rate monitor to use while working out or cycling (see, more info about me.) The brand I got stuck in my head was Polar. Maybe it was because I had a friend who's friend fixed them for a living, or that all the gyms have them built into their machines; whatever it was, I don't know why but I felt that Polar was the only "good" brand.

So, it's easy to imagine that I might also be a minor stats whore as well. Well, recently I noticed that many some people were finding my site while searching for credit card fraud message boards. So, just as I did before the Vonage IPO, I started writing about them more.

I checked my daily stats and saw that I had 98 hits today, almost an even 100! Now of course this made me laugh out loud because 100 hits is not statistically significant to blogs with actual traffic. But with me, I sing with glee. So, I'm going to write more about credit card security, fraud, theft, and hopefully info about the underground subculture. Some people have asked me, what if you run out of material? Well, then I'll just have to spice it up. There are two reasons for this:

  1. If I mix fact and fiction fun I might get famous like Jame Fray with A Million Little Pieces.
  2. Controversy creates comments, which create traffic, which makes me happy.
  3. If what I'm writing is attempted by a criminal there will be enough jokes in there to get them arrested.
  4. Spicy stories get dug.
  5. The people who know me best or know the industry will get a good laugh out of said stories.

So keep subscribed and don't forget to remind me how silly it is to care about brand names or web stats. Neither will make you smile and laugh like a well told story will.