For the longest time while I was growing up I thought that my birthday was on June 20 and my sister's was on August 21. I celebrated my birthday every year on the 20th and thought for all intensive purposes that it was that day. Why would I think anything else?

One day my mom was cleaning out her files and finds our birth certificates. She smiles saying, "whoops!" She had switched the date that my sister and I were born on, thus putting me at the 21st and her at the 20th.

I enjoying being able to say that my birthday is on Summer Solstice.  It's a secret joy of mine that I repeat whenever someone asks me for my birthday. This is why I find it especially endearing when I receive both an e-greeting card and two phone calls (home and cell) from my mom wishing me a happy birthday on today… the 20th.

I enjoy that she still remembers me the way I was, before I was converted into a solstice baby.  Back when I was born on the 20th of June.  It makes me smile a bit more than any other birthday greeting could.

Thanks Mom!