Today was devoted to cleaning the house in expectation of guests next weekend. This week is my birthday and next Saturday we are having family/friends over for a Solstice Party. I want to include events related to the longest time of daylight and other related things.

Here's a resource for many things solstice related:

Many celebrations took place on the summer solstice. The oldest one we know of took place in Egypt. At the Temple of Amen-Ra in Karnak back in 3700 B.C. (on the solstice) a beam of light would illuminate a sanctuary in this temple's interior for about 2 or 3 minutes. This brightness would reach a peak and then start to subside.

The Chinese emperors of the past also observed the Summer Solstice. Their purpose was to stimulate the earthy, female yin forces. These rituals took place in The Forbidden City on the Altar of the Earth. Unlike the Round Mound (used for the Winter Solstice), this altar was square and had a staircase leading North, South, East and West. The Chinese did a human sacrifice as part of their ritual for the Summer Solstice also. The sacrificial victim was burned for the Winter Solstice. But the Summer solstice sacrificial victim was buried. They believed by doing this, they were maintaining a healthy balance in the earth's natural rhythms.

Don't worry, we won't be sacrificing anyone. The same site lists several symbols and customs:

  • Bonfires have always been a part of ancient rituals. Lighting a bonfire is one of the most universal observances for the Summer Solstice, mostly in the Northern Hemisphere today.
  • Midsummer Bride – The ancients felt that because the Summer Solstice marked the peak of the summer season, it also marked fertility and sexuality.
  • Mock Funeral – Since the Summer Solstice was the point where they days were now going to get shorter and darker, many of the ancient rites intentions were to postpone the sun's decline by celebrating life and fertility; or, to mourn it's passing.

So we will try to re-enact as many symbols as we can. If anyone want to get married or re-married, now is the time! Do you want to mourn an old chapter in your life, let us know and we will have a mock funeral for your past!

We are expecting people so if you need more info check leave a comment.