I'm back from my (business) trip to Singapore and trying to get back into a normal sleep schedule (although my Chipmonkey says I'm sleeping way too much.) I suppose it only balances out the total lack of sleep I got while on the trip. Highlights include:

  • Singing karaoke with locals and Aussies while simultaneously watching the World Cup
  • Getting lost in Singapore and almost getting killed by a colleague (ok, he really wasn't trying to kill us)
  • Dancing it up and drinking way too much with colleagues while exchanging dance moves with other Aussies and colleagues. I never knew stodgy Germans could let loose and party it up!
  • Watching Germany play in the World cup at 5:00 AM and seeing the ball hit the goal post two times in a row until finally it missed. Listening to the onlooking Germans singing, "Du kannst nach Hause gehen (you can go home)" to the other team after Germany scored the only and winning goal.
  • Hearing one crazy ex-pat's translation/interpretation of the local Auzzie (Aussie) slang. Examples include "yeah-no" and "no worries Mate!"
  • Walking up and down Orchard Street totally amazed at how much shopping there is in one place. It makes Chicago's Magnificent Mile look downright small.
  • The Thai massage I got that left me with slight lower back pain.  They really crack your bones and it's relaxing, but watch out for when they walk on your back leaving you sore and unable to breath.  I need to learn Mandarin for "a little less please."
  • The endless stories I hear about all the other countries in the area that I have to visit. I have invitations to visit people in Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, India, and Singapore. Whew, maybe I can get on the speaking circuit out there.

It's good to be back, but there's lots of work to get done.  I have outstanding school work, work-work, and house cleaning that needs to get done before I leave again for Texas on Monday.  I'll be speaking in Dallas first and then on to Austin for a start-up meeting with a client.

When I get back, there will be friends visiting for our belated Solstice Party on Saturday.  If you're in the area, stop on by and we will keep you well fed and energized as you prepare to start Summer with a blast!