I'm totally impressed that Zach Slow raised the $10,000 in donations to have his one night mega-date with Lady Sov. You need to read it to believe it (pictured included).

After the money was raised, I could finally relax and I headed over to the venue to the venue with a bunch of friends to watch the show. During her performance, Lady Sovereign somehow saw me in the crowd and said "well, look who it is… it's my date tonight, zach slow." I was actually surprised she recognized me in such a big crowd. In a way I'm glad she did because it I felt a lot more relaxed after her shout out. Her set was great and right when she was done, I bounced out to her tour van where we were supposed to meet up.

At 11pm the biggest, most excessive possible SUV limo picked us up and started the treck over to our yacht. This was actually my favorite point in the night. Lady Sovereign and I stuck our head out of the limo and I showed her around the city, and we messed by people walking on the street. I probably won't ever be in such a ridiculous limo again, so I figured we might as well spend it being the cliche obnoxious people messing with people on the street. Everyone else in the limo was basting music and people even started wrestling. Champagne was flowing and the night was starting to get really fun.

It reminds us all that nothing is impossible, the "impossible" just takes longer. I've been chatting with my client contact here in Singapore and she keeps telling me about how short life is and how important it is to enjoy yourself. My life struggle is trying to do just that.

Tonight I'm going to dinner and then on a Zoo Safari with some Cybertrust people. I think this is where they drive you through the zoo but you mix with the animals like on a safari. More on this later.