I read over on the Scobleizer that (1) Robert Scoble was leaving Microsoft, probably a good move for him professionally to grow beyond what he had there, and (2) this little bit:

Yesterday I was talking with Amanda Congdon, one of the co-founders of Rocketboom. Her videoblog is now seeing about 300,000 viewers a day. That's, what, a year or so old? Did you know that advertisers are now paying her $85,000 per week? That's almost as much money as I made in an entire year of working at Microsoft.

Did I get that right Robert? Amanda is pulling in over $4.4 million per year in advertising dollars?! Where are the ads? I try to watch regularly, but have missed a few episodes since those end-of-show infomercials piece they started putting in each show. I just watched a few episodes and there is no advertising on the site or in the show. So what are the advertisers paying for?

Update 1: Holy shitskies, read Drew's comment about their advertising page.  Seems they stand to make a boat load of cash.  I wonder how they financed RB up until now.

Update 2: Here's the complete story.