Tonight (at 1:30 AM) I depart on my non-stop flight from San Francisco to Singapore. It's a 14 hour trip that will be my first trip across the International Date Line.

I was checking in and the person assisting me said I wasn't listed on the flight. Now, the flight was reserved weeks ago but not ticketed/issued until yesterday so my heart rate rose a bit as I mentally stepped through who I would have to call and what alternatives I had. Thankfully my Audiovox SMT-5600 running Windows Mobile OS doubling as my handy PDA had all my flight information and my confirmation number. That number showed that I was indeed on the flight and it was smooth sailing from there.

After handing me my ticket he asked if it was my first time in Singapore. I nodded and said yes it was; then immediately asked him what I should do. Without skipping a beat he smiled and said, "Go to Bali. It's only a 1 hour flight and lots of things to do." I thought, with all the things to do in Singapore this guy was recommending Bali? I guess that's where the locals go to cut loose.

So, I'm hanging out in the longue at 00:30 AM waiting for my flight.  I'm going to miss everyone back on the Homestead.