From Finextra we hear:

Ahead of the World Cup in Germany, Taiwan's Chinatrust Commercial Bank (CCB) has launched a football-themed wrist watch featuring MasterCard's PayPass contactless payment technology. The watch is being issued by CCB as a companion device to its MasterCard credit cards. The limited edition Laks SmartTransaction watch is equipped with MasterCard's RFID PayPass technology and enables customers to pay for purchases under $25 at participating merchants by tapping a PayPass-enabled terminal. Laks CEO, Lucas Scheybal, says: "To obtain compliance with MasterCard PayPass specifications, we built high security specifications into an analog watch.

This is not in high enough circulation to really be a security risk but imagine a day when everyone has one of these or an RFID credit card. The technology exists to prevent someone from stealing the cards and using them months or years later, but immediate use is still a problem.

I wonder if crime prevention of RFID credit card theft will involve this factor in triangulating the original fraud. Of course, at best it could triangulate it to a certain metropolitan area or airport, unless there was a network of crime cells around the world — but who would ever think of that? šŸ˜‰