I returned from vacation and the wedding unscathed sans the estimated increase in weight. I took two suits to the tailor today and had them adjust the pant legs as well as my right jacket cuff (it seems my right arm is slightly longer than my left — something I will have to remember when reaching for objects.) While I tried them on I noticed that the waist fit a bit more snug than I remember and seeing as I refuse to let out the waist the only alternative is to reduce mine.

Tonight we are going to work out at the neighborhood 24 Hour Fitness. You can check out the schedule here and another one here. I need to keep these schedules in mind when my personal trainer sessions run out. It looks like they have not only spin and yoga classes but also weight training classes.

Business wise, I closed an important contract this week (damn that legal stuff) meaning I move forward on work in high gear. Next week I'll be in Singapore and I have work booked well into July. This week I really need to get some administrative tasks done (or at least begun) and move forward in high gear.