I received a "B" in my third semester Master's program. I'm happy because anything less than a "B" is a failing grade. I was so busy with work and other things this semester that I did not devote the time to school that I should have. Next semester I'll do better.

My final paper was edited and the word "effect" was replaced with "affect". I thought affect was only used when referring to emotion but I was wrong. Here's a good definition from the google search:

"Affect" is a verb that means "to influence." "Effect" is usually a noun that means "a result" or "influence." As a verb, "effect" means "to accomplish" or "to produce."

(Examples: The devastating effects of the hurricane affected the lives of everyone in the small coastal town. The new taxes effected a change in the school budget.)

Writersblock.ca also helps us out with the following definition:

Affect and effect are two words that are commonly confused.

"Affect" is usually a verb meaning "to influence".

    The drug did not affect the disease.

"Effect" is usually a noun meaning "result".

    The drug has many adverse side effects.

"Effect" can also be used as a verb meaning "to bring about".

    The present government effected many positive changes.