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My mom's stroke and death reminded me that life is temporary. She reminded me that it's important to have fun while you're here. Even if you are a workaholic. Smell the roses and all that.

And Maryam deserves it. She stayed with me even when I'd blog late into the night.

Sometimes I work off late into the nigh, sometimes due to procrastination and sometimes because I'm trying to do so many things at once. When I was younger I remember hanging out with my best friend Mike. We would wake up on Saturday morning and he would want to just kick around the house. I was antsy (and probably ADD) saying we needed to do SOMETHING! These days I want to do everything. I feel like life is so short and I'm constantly looking around me to see something else to do.

Sometimes this is to my detriment because sometimes you need to look at yourself, your path, and keep your eyes focused ahead. This is hard for me because I get distracted easily. But Scoble is right, life is short. You can either enjoy life and then die or be miserable and then die, but either way you die in the end.