I love the NYTimes and now that we get the Sunday edition I can partially fulfill my dream of waking up on a Sunday morning and going to the local diner to digest the Week In Review section along side my copy of the Economist. Ahhh… life is good.

So last night I went to my very first San Francisco Giants game and watched them play the St. Louis Cardinals (who have a good looking new stadium by the way.) We waited eagerly on the edge of our seats to watch and see if Barry Bonds would hit a home run to break the record with Babe Ruth (714 home runs).  Each time he took a swing the entire stadium would light up as thousands of camera flashes went off at once; each person wanting to get a shot of the home run that broke Ruth's record.

Alas, it didn't happen and our team lost. But one thing that amazes me among all this controversy is that neither of these heavy hitters is the home run king. It is Hank Aaron with a total of career 755 home runs that takes the cake blowing both of their top hits out of the ball park.

I'm still writing for school this week.  It's a marathon pace with interruptions from time to time.  I handed in my exam early and now I'm tackling the final paper.  I need to get 10 pages written in two days.  Wish me luck.