Yes, that trashy talk radio in the AM that people listen to.  My friend Stacy was in town last week and told me about this morning AM show called Drex's “Wheel of Trash”.  She posted on her blog the list of topics people call in about to show me how bad it was.

  • Because I love you… I’m leaving
  • When I have someone to date, no one else matters
  • There’s serious about me, but I’m just passing the time till I find someone to be serious about.
  • Kisses don’t lie, but hips do!
  • My kid is so excited about college but…. we can’t afford it.
  • Lies I told to get action
  • Come on, how many of us really role play?
  • We’ve been going strong for years, a true piece of marital bliss. So does it matter that I’ve never had an orgasm?
  • Sex with heals can be dangerous.
  • I’m completely together got it all going on and yet I’m on crack. 

Wow, this is bad.  So I looked for more info on the show and found this.  Yeah, those callers really are bright ones!