Ohhhh… I've been on the phone almost all day for work related items. I just ended a call and the person on the other line (a woman) said, "thanks hun". It made me shiver as I hate it when someone calls me "hun". It's like in college when someone would pass you, and not care enough to know your name, so they would say, "hi guy".

I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary (of slang) and it seems the hun has many meanings.  I always assume the person is using it to mean "short for honey, an endearing term" and not any of the following:

  • Word used in a derogatory manner by Roman Catholics in Northern Ireland, when referring to their Protestant countryfolk.
  • The lowest form of life! See monkey.
  • British army WWI term for a German.
  • (Wikipedia explains the term to mean a confederation of Eurasian tribes.)

I grew to dislike the term when my older sister (of 2 years) started referring to her siblings (and just about everyone else) as "hun".  It was strange than my only slightly older sister was now referring to me the same way my grandmother would.

Either way, I just can't stand the term and want to abolish its use everywhere.