I seem to work best at night, but that's also when I get rather sad. One would think I'd be happiest because I have all this time, this endless time, to get things done. And when I finally stop procrastinating and get back to writing my paper for school then I will be happy.

I have a cat sleeping on my leg, another by my side, and chipmonkey beside me. It's very quiet with the earphones in. I want to somehow share this time with others, but all others have completed their work and gone to bed. It seems in order to get the requisite 2 pages per day completed I'll need to stop blogging and start writing (for school.)

So many things going on lately with work and life that it feels like wind rushing by me. It's hard to keep up with but much more interesting than having the same thing happen day after day.

I do get happy knowing that I have friends, family, and those around me who care enough to ask on a semi-regular basis how I'm doing. I also get happy when I see things like this and this. (I like to hear stories and see the happiness.)