With the price up gas just up past ridiculous and the oil companies making out like bandits (dating back through 2005; lots more info here), here are some tips on how to save on your gas usage.

Is it true that Exxon Mobile posted record profits of $10.7 billion in Q4 2005? Yes. Just to give you an idea of what that means, the $10.7b was profit, meaning after expenses, salaries, cost of refineries, etc. In that same quarter Microsoft posted total revenue of $10b, and Exxon made that in profit alone!

Of course the oil companies will tell us that the profits are not real because they are re-invested in the company. Say again? Since when does a profit not count because it's re-invested? In fact, can't you write those investments off so you don't have to pay taxes on them?

Of the tips here are the ones that worked:

  • Don't drive aggressively
  • Lower speeds save gas
  • Use cruise control
  • Avoid excess idling

And the ones that didn't:

  • Turn off the A/C and roll down the windows
  • Check your tire pressure