It seems that video has killed the old way we live. Apple was on top of things when they beat the market with their iPod. Who would have guessed I would use my iPod for all my music and audio news needs?

Then blogs took off and people began using RSS readers to keep up to date on their news. Then video killed the text based blog with the vlog (video blog). Now you can use RSS to pull all your vlogs onto your iPod… but wait there's more.

YouTube took off as another viral marketing measure and made lots of money, causing NBC to get really upset and start their own free video online. Then there are sites like Reever that (after receiving $8.7m in second round VC funding) actually inserts ads into the video stream!

Soon video will be all the rage. You can already see it in all the YouTube additions to MySpace and in the fact that limitless bandwidth is increasing in popularity and accessibility.