I enjoy reading through the CraigsList Best-Of category because it makes me laugh so hard I cry. Each of them are gems, from the "how to tell someone their cat died" to the "cat sitter" and everything in between.

But what really bewilders me is the Missed Connections section. It's a sounding board for people to rant about other people who will never read the post. That would make sense if the insanity ended there, but it does not. Being heard is something many people look for but don't always find. This is why people who are good listeners are in such high demand, and eventually everyone needs (or could use) a therapist/counselor. So they post their messages to PostSecret or CL Missed Connections.

What's strange are the people who bump into strangers (who usually don't notice them) and then expect the stranger to also be a fanatical MC reader to somehow meet up with them. It goes like this:

  1. Man passes woman stranger on the street (or in this case on the elevator) – "i was walking down, you were heading out with folders/ box. me in suit, you gave me a wonderful smile that i would love to see again."
  2. Man assumes woman was as equally impressed with this smile that she tried to hunt down the male stranger. Man leaves clues to help her know it was him – "this happened this past Tuesday, around 4 PM"
  3. Man proposes to meet with unknown stranger who he is now stalking – "how about a drink, or a coffee?"

This happens over and over again on MC. I read them one after another and can't help but wonder, maybe there are enough of these people that actual meetings/collisions happen and people find the ones they are stalking. But it just seems so implausible.

Last night I had dinner with a friend from Chicago. He was telling me about this new part of his life and how, looking back, it all seems so random that things happened the way they do. It is true that chance favors the prepared mind. So maybe the people who post to MC are doing so because if they did nothing there would be zero chance of ever meeting that person again.

Update: Just saw another one that looked oh so PostSecret like, "Costco in Foster City — I did want your phone number, I was just too embarased to say yes. E-mail me?"

But it is not all lost love. There are some where people just rant against others who will probably never read the message. But I'm sure it makes them feel good to get it out.

i was crossing the crosswalk and you, yes you, the brave soul in the silver hundaisped a half a car length up so i would have to go through traffic to go around you. i hope you could read lips. was it " i love you"? was it "can i have your number"? no, it was "douchebag!!!!" the missed connection? me and your car….or atleast my sweet size 9 shoe on your back bumper