Today as I called Dell to resolve a problem I've been having with me power cord, I heard my girlfriend singing in the other room. She has taken up voice lessons to compliment her already full schedule of: work, school, and piano lessons. Although I didn't express it at first, I'm very excited that she is pursuing her true passion of music. So now there is literally music being created on the Homestead.

Me? I'm playing catch up on expense reports, memos to clients, and lots of school work that my instructor has graciously allowed me to turn in late (who knows how long this will last.) I'm working this week but have next week "off" which really means I'll spend the time doing my taxes, re-doing my entire QuickBooks register, sales meetings, more billable client work, and who knows what else.

I really need to get: business cards and a web site. The business cards require a logo, so I'm turning to the Worth 1000 Corporate site. I've been watching their work and it's really good with a reasonable price tag.