So you may or may not know, we own two kittens: Henry (brother) and June (sister). His name is officially "Sir Henry with the Plumage tail" but let's not get technical here. They were both adopted from an animal rescue group in the area and not spayed until recently.

Henry began to develop what looked like a sagging in his stomach. We were very worried that it could be a complication of being "fixed" and began to imagine what kind of horrible things could be building up in our kitten… something that might kill him one day!

So, I finally took him to the vet. They took his temperature, asked questions about his activity levels and eating habits, looked in his ears, examined his teeth, and after careful examined proclaimed that our cat was not sick… just fat!

One $50 examination later I had a medically trained professional tell me that I had a fat cat. Wonderful. He is going on a diet. After threatening to put him on a kitty-treadmill, the more reasonable recommendation was to get him running and jumping more.