Waking up in Palm Spring and taking out time, we made our way to a local diner (that served Texas sized portions) and finally to the Coachella polo field event grounds (picking up some travelers along the way.)

We saw a bunch of bands, but it really was a rush to see all the musical acts you wanted to. We time-sliced between Lyrics Born (short Latino guy), DJ Colette (too much base), and popped in to hear Kanye West before hurrying over to TV on the Radio. We also saw parts of Carl Cox and Sigur Ros, who I really liked.

The thing was Kanye West didn't show up until 25 minutes into his 60 minute act. I was upset because everyone else was on time but he made everyone wait and then he only had time to perform maybe 3-4 songs. I heard yell, "Kanye West doesn't care about white people Coachella."

There is still another day with some great acts such as: Minus the Bear, Paul Oakenfold, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Madonna, Massive Attack, and Tool. We'll stay until the end of the show at midnight and then drive the 3 hours to Los Angeles to catch an early morning flight back to San Francisco. Whew… what a weekend.

You can also check out the webcast and photo gallery. My flickr photos will be up soon later some time.