That's right, if I don't make it as an information security consultant then I'm taking a job with Starbucks as my fall-back. I heard on the 60 Minutes podcast that there was an article and interview with Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks. He said they offer health insurance to all employeed (at least 20 hrs / week for part time), 401k plan, free coffee perks, education assistance ($500/semester), and child care benefits. Starbucks spends more in employee health care than they do on the coffee! (That's because according to one Starbucks employee it only costs about $0.02 for them to make the coffee you drink.)

So I went out and asked the employees at my neighborhood store and they confirmed this saying it was a great benefit. They said Starbucks offers medical, dental, and vision plans. One barista even said that if I were to take a job I should work at a neighborhood store instead of the downtown location because you make better tips. The current minimum wage of $8.50/hr (in San Francisco) is increased another $2.75/hr in a neighborhood location vs. the $2.00/hr in a downtown location.