I was in Chicago late last week meeting with a client and visiting friends in the area. I had a little more fun than my schedule could fit, but made it through the weekend. I'm in Miami early this week and it's a really nice city (sans the hurricanes, flooding, etc.)

Currently, I'm working my tail off to get caught up on school and the very important client work (read: work that pays the bills.) There is so much to do and it all has to get done this week. In fact, the next few weeks will really be busy as well with my trying to get caught up on expenses and taxes.

In Miami I feel very marginalized. I've met more people who speak Spanish or Portuguese than English. It's times like this that I wish I knew Spanish. I'm teaching a class in English, but at the breaks when everyone socializes they begin speaking Spanish and I'm left out of the social activities. Oh well, I do my best to participate and not offend anyone's country of origin, although we all agreed that Hugo Chavez, the right-wing political leader of Argentina, is crazy disliked.