The speed of my life is gaining momentum and it's not due to technology. Many things have happened lately and I'm a little worried that I can handle it all. I'm behind in school and working is piling up. I just took on management of the website (in addition to the journal) for a group I volunteer with. (I hate ending sentences with a preposition, but I hear it is ok these days.)

I've been in a funk for the last few weeks and it wasn't until today that I got my focus back. I'm in a cafe shop (Saxbys) doing my school work and getting a little caught up. Due to being in Chicago this week, friends from the area have invited me out tonight and I'll join them later in the day (but no heavy late night partying, just a little dancing I hope.) Last minute plans were made to attend Urban Gardening and Exterior Decorating Opening.

Here's some things to note. ING Direct has an opt-in privacy policy meaning they will not share your personal information with other unless you explicitly tell them they can. Why can't every place be like that? I have to tell my bank not to disclose my personal information to third parties, and then hope that the paperwork is not lost and they actually comply.

Also, Canadians (and many others) life longer than us Americans.