It amazes me the amount of data lost each day, hour, minute, and moment! The things you see in the press are just the icing on the cake.  Here's a list of the latest dataloss issues.  I recommend you subscribe via the Attrition web site.
Here are some highlights:

  1. Breach Notification Escape Mechanisms (lyger)
  2. The High Cost Of Data Loss (lyger)
  3. HP retirees compromised by notebook theft (lyger)
  4. Laptop with Hewlett-Packard employees' ID stolen (fwd) (lyger)
  5. 40,000 BP workers exposed in Ernst & Young laptop loss (lyger)
  6. State lets out private data (Saundra Kae Rubel)
  7. VSC laptop theft creates security concerns (fwd) (lyger)
  8. Offshoring cited in Florida data leak (fwd) (lyger)
  9. U.S. Arrests 7 on Charges of Credit Card Data Trading (lyger)
  10. Nokia staff jacked by Ernst & Young laptop loss (lyger)
  11. Marines lose portable drive, expose records (John R. Porter)
  12. Hacker hits Georgia state database via hole in security software (security curmudgeon)
  13. L.A. County Warns 94,000 Of Possible ID Theft (lyger) 
  14. Educators' Social Security numbers sent via e-mail (lyger)
  15. Privacy Breach at Astratel (Australia) (lyger)
  16. Georgia Technology Authority breach (lyger) 
  17. 2004 Identity Theft Statistics (lyger) 
  18. Improperly-configured shopping cart on compromised server reveals CC#s to hackers in Viet Nam (Chris Walsh) 
  19. Agencies Not Protecting Privacy Rights, GAO Says (Richard Forno)
  20. Domain Registrar Exposes Customer Data (lyger) 
  21. Florida county posts residents' sensitive data on public Web site (Richard Forno)
  22. Hackers Access Financial Data At UMDNJ (security curmudgeon) 
  23. Retailer breach reveals CC application details (Chris Walsh) 
  24. U.S. Military Secrets for Sale at Afghan Bazaar (lyger) 
  25. Breach Exposes Ross-Simons Credit Card Information (security curmudgeon)
  26. Wells Fargo Not Required to Encrypt Data (lyger) 
  27. University of South Carolina Mass e-mail Compromises Student IDs (lyger)
  28. Stolen computer contained health data (Chris Walsh) 
  29. The Anti-ID-Theft Bill That Isn't (lyger)