A friend of mine from Chicago passed this along.  The story of a Mafia boss who encrypted (scrambled) his messages using a simple substitution cipher similar to that of the Caesar Cipher.  It was deciphered and he was convicted!

At least one coded note, published in the Web site's biography, has a strong resemblance to what's known as Caesar cipher, an encryption scheme used by Julius Caesar to protect important military messages.

The letter, written in January 2001 by Angelo Provenzano to his father, was found with other documents when one of Provenzano's men, Nicola La Barbera, was arrested

"…I met 512151522 191212154 and we agreed that we will see each other after the holidays…," said the letter, which included several other cryptograms.

"The Binnu code is nothing new: each number corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. "A" is 4, "B" is 5, "C" is 6 and so on until the letter Z , which corresponds to number 24," wrote Palazzolo and Oliva.