Here are some facts of my life.

  • My brother recently bought his first house.
  • A good friend in D.C. is talking about getting married and the cost of housing.
  • Here in SF we are looking for housing (but it's all out of reach.)
  • My good friend from Omaha is getting married.

It seems that people all around me are getting married, buying a house, and settling down. (Imagine sitting down in your favorite chair after a long, long day at work. Mmmm…) Not that we are looking, but we visited several open houses going on in our neighborhood. We liked some and not others. But they were all in the range of $1.3-2 million; something quite a bit out of our price range. The funny thing is that after you look at homes in this range you start to think that housing for $1 million is a bargain. What planet have I moved to that this seems like a steal?

So, we're still a ways off in terms of getting to the point of buying a house (as many things have to happen between now and then) but it just seems like a pretty hefty price.  Both my brother and friend in D.C. would love to continue living in their neighborhoods but it's just too pricey so they will move out. I'm afraid the same will happen to us. The cost of living in our hood is just too high, unless we get in on some pre-construction places (that appear to be going up just down the street.)

Not to mention that getting married is very expensive. A little bird told me that the average cost of getting married in D.C. is about $30,000 for 100 people all inclusive. Friends from the U.K. have told me the cost of getting married in London is anywhere from £20-40,000 ($35-70,000 USD). This is a solid down payment on a house (see above). I'm all for having family over and enjoying the day you both decide to become a team, but blowing your wad on one day when you could be investing it does not rank high in my book.