Do people really want your honest opinion? A Dilbert cartoon this week thinks not but I've learned that the honest opinion is really the only one you should offer (exceptions to the rule can be noted.) Whether people ask for your opinion on a piece of clothing, business advice, relationship advice, or their future life plans you should always be honest with them.

Some people like to avoid conflict, make others feel better, or feel obliged to tell the person something they want to hear, but it rarely if ever works out well. Sometimes, in crisis or negotiation situations, you must conceed expressing your full opinion in order to better understand the opinion of another, but other than that anything less than the truth will only short circuit your forward progress.

I've learned in my relationship that I need to be more open about my opinion and express it more often. When you do not express your opinion or compromise in hopes of preventing conflict the result is nothing short of a lie about your true nature and feelings.

So next time you're asked "what do you think?", even if it comes from someone close to you, tell them your honest opinion. They may not like the answer you give them (or they may be thankful for your honesty) but at least they won't waste time following the wrong path.