According to ValleyWag, "Over 2 of every 3 Orkut users are registered as Brazilians, and if you trust some massaged numbers, nearly every regular Internet user in Brazil has a profile."

They continue with a break down of demographics so you know where to go for your social networking. I've talked with Andrew about social networking and he seems to feel that sites like MySpace, Orkut, Friendster, Facebook, etc. are the equivalent of the current hip online gathering space, but that what is considered current and hip will change over time. Yes, some people will stay with one site or another but many will roam from one site to another just as socialites do with hip bars or restaurants.

So here's the ValleyWag hip breakdown. If you're ___ then your people are at ___.

  • black => hi5 (don't be fooled by the splash page)
  • headed to Burning Man => Tribe
  • desperately seeking a job => LinkedIn
  • 13 => MySpace
  • eating ramen in the dorm tonight => Facebook
  • too clever for your own good => Consumating
  • Paris Hilton => aSmallWorld
  • getting stalked by Gawker => IMDb