Friends of my favorite monkey participated in a webinar on building bussiness and took the following notes. I found them helpful to reinforce already known items. Sometimes you loose focus of your A-list clients and need to be reminded of these items.

  • Involve everyone. Make sure the entire project team that has interaction with the client (from the receptionist to accounting to your technical team) knows that this is an “A List” client that we want to treat impeccably.
  • Treat them like your best friend (OK he said Grandma). If you wouldn’t say it to them, why say it to your client? I really should have returned your call, Grandma, but I’ve been busy. I know you were expecting the report today, Grandma, but … Sorry I missed the meeting (your birthday) Grandma….
  • Be there for them. Think through how you respond to last minute requests or problems. Are you annoyed? They can tell. Make them feel special. Business as usual won’t cut it for an ‘A List’ client.
  • Know everything you can about your client. What’s their org chart/structure look like? What’s their biggest challenge? Who do they report to? What’s around the bend? Next big project?
  • Invite feedback. Ask questions, especially about how you are doing. Never assume your clients are happy. If they give you feedback act on it and communicate any fixes or actions you’ve taken. If they love you, ask for referrals or testimonials.
  • Educate your clients by talking to them. Buy them lunch or have a sit down and let them know all of the things our team brings to the table. Cross sell all of what we can provide. If we can’t fix their problem, put them in touch with someone who can.
  • Identify which clients are worthy and dazzle them. Do anything and everything you can to make them feel special. Good customer service is pretty lacking these days (think about the last time you were in an airport and how many hostile people you had to deal with – including the flight attendants – what’s up with that?). You can’t thank someone enough. Have you ever complained about the person who was way too friendly and thorough when you were dealing with them? These folks are your bread and butter – show ‘em the love.
  • Make working with your company a great experience. If something is broken, fix it. Fast.
  • Do what you say you are going to do and be nice about it.
  • Never, ever disappoint your ‘A List’ clients.

After trying to find the source of this webinar I stumbled across this site on the Ten Tips for Marketing to Existing Clients and Customers.  Pretty basic stuff (read: nothing innovative) but good to read once anyway.