I have long questioned what kind of higher education I should pursue. Having a BS degree is nice but everyone has one so what's the differentiating factor? I decided to get a Masters degre but in what? After much contemplation, and even more procrastination, I decied to pursue a degree in information security because:

  1. it's something I could do in my "spare" time
  2. the program came recommended from a trusted friend
  3. a good friend is going through the program with me meaning I would have a commrade in arms to lean on when things got bad

When people ask me about what I'm going to school for I say a Masters degree and they ask, "oh, an MBA?" I have to explain that it's not an MBA and they seem to loose interest or think I'm just an über-geek with no management potential. So, I follow-up telling them that once I complete this degree I will begin my MBA. But this is a lie.

I've contemplate an MBA less and less as I get deeper into my current program. A few months ago I decided against getting an MBA but this post really reinforced my decision.

Tom Evslin has a nice long blog post where he interviews several people on the question of should you go to business school?

"Depends who "you" are, of course. If you’re a nerd, an entrepreneur, or a wanna-be entrepreneur, no. A reader of Brad Feld’s blog asked Brad a question about the value of an MBA and part of Brad’s answer is:"

If you want a two year break from life, go to business school. If you want to meet a bunch of new, generally smart, and always interesting people, go to business school. If you are a techie but like the business side of things, want to get an intellectual (and functional grounding) in business stuff, want a two year break from life, and want to meet interesting people, go to business school. …

Recognize this will cost you $100k plus two years of opportunity cost, so make sure it’s worth it to you. There are many careers where you generally (but not always) need the MBA badge to advance to the next level. If you are an investment banker or a management consultant, it’ll help. If you are looking to be a VC, it might help, but it probably won’t, as the population of people being recruited into the VC business continues to be very small. Don’t be misguided by the idea that doors will now fly open to you since you are a newly minted MBA…