Yet more books I will not read… Recently I purchased A Million Little Pieces and Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking (author of Tipping Point). But Lifehacker has some recommendations on business investing books. Andy Kessler says:

For me, it's all about investment ideas. I won't read get rich quick books or how to invest books. Nothing there for me. Read my old friend Jim Cramer's Real Money and John Mauldin's Just One Thing (I wrote a chapter) and then move on. I also don't read management books: Winning, Good to Great, Execution, First Break All the Rules are all competent, and line the shelves of middle managers everywhere in an attempt to show one's promote-ability to upper middle management, if such a thing even exists. There has got to be some important investment theme uncovered.

Biz Books [Andy Kessler]