Fresh Inc, the Inc. magazine blog, has a post on thinking about innovation.  I wonder what Andrew Hargadon thinks about this, hmm?

One of the most interesting books I've read recently was MIT professor Eric von Hippel's Democratizing Innovation. In the book, Von Hippel describes how companies that look to what he calls "lead users" for innovative ideas are far more likely to bring new ideas to market successfully and profitably than companies that pursue the traditional R&D model, by which a small team of smart people devise the coolest new products they can think of and then push them out into the world. (You can download a free copy of the book here and learn more about Von Hippel's work here.)

As a side note, I sat beside Andrew on the flight back from London (as well as on my trip there) and he provided me very good insight into what it takes to publish a book and what a publisher is really good for.  Once things settle down I'd like to drive up to Davis and audit one of his lectures.  (Of course, I'd also be happy to present for one day on information security management or another topic of relevance.)