Although I was unable to blog at 30,000 ft. while on my flight back from London, it is nice to be home finally. I don't know how Damon is doing it living in Bellevue for five months because I really enjoy being home with … my things. I enjoyed getting into the limo and being able to give the driver directions — doing so required some though at first as if my mind was trying to re-focus to its new surroundings. I enjoyed seeing San Francisco again from my balcony and being home with the monkey and two cats.

There's something very nice about coming home, be it from vacation or work related travel. You don't notice it when you do it every day but when you only come home once ever two weeks you really appreciate all the things around you.

On the flight back I received the standard gift pack given to all upper class passengers but this time it included a small pamphlet called "a little thought" from the mind gym. It has page after page listing the "5 ways to…"

  • sell your ideas
  • stand out in the crowd
  • bend the rules successfully
  • take control
  • juggle work, family, and lovers
  • gain an hour
  • achieve your goals
  • save yourself from sinking
  • criticize constructively
  • relax
  • say no and be loved for it
  • create your own luck
  • make a decision
  • keep your focus
  • take criticism on the chin
  • win an argument (I'll be reading this one very soon)
  • get promoted
  • give praise
  • beat the deadline
  • daydream your way to creativity

I'll post a few of them and if want more I encourage you to purchase the book.