I arrived at Heathrow to end my two week long trip to London and as quickly as I could, navigated my way to the Clubhouse.  The limo picks you up in the morning and drives you to the airport where your luggage is picked up for you, then the car continues to drop you right in front of security.  If you manage to get past security and beyond the miles of duty free shops you find yourself in the most extravagent Clubhouse ever.  This place was recently remodeled and contains everything.  Retro hanging chairs, pool tables, open laptops (which I'm using to blog with), quiet areas, relaxing music, Bumble & Bumble hair dressers, massage, showers, bar, formal dining, fruit areas throughout.  There are even things I don't know about such as the special retro chairs from 40 years ago that another patron pointed out.

I want to live here for a day or two.

I ordered the "traditional english breakfast" and believe it or not it comes with beans!  Yes, I was wrong to doubt the inclusion of brown beans alongside saussage, bacon, toast, eggs, and tomato.

I can't include the link because this terminal restricts Internet use to just one browser window (security precaution?) but you should definately check out the Virgin site for a whole range of photos of the London Clubhouse.  I'll post some later.