Ok, this story should have been blogged about last weekend but work has been really exhausting and two weeks of international travel is wearing on me. I'm ready to be home (even if it's just for 1.5 days then I hit the road again for another week.)

So, I'm in London, the debatable birth-place of Techno/Electronica music (outside of Detroit that is) and I have a weekend stay that I plan to maximize. I had several places recommended to me including: Underdog, Ministry of Sound, The End, Fabric, and AKA. After checking out the venue for each night I decide on some good old drum-n-bass at The End.

I have dinner with friends that night, then we head out for drinks at a wine bar, and when we split up I’m drunk and it’s raining. For 6 quid I take a bicycle taxi to the club and queue up for a while chatting with the others. They all seem like friendly faces and when I get inside it’s a nice medium sized place with kickin music. I forgot my earplugs by, unlike clubs I’ve been to in the States, the music volume is just right. I get into it and start dancing and moving to the music. The moment I stop to take a break is when things change.

I sit down and start talking with this couple from Russia. Their friends are there and I’m introduced. They seem like such nice people and they offer me a cigarette. I don’t smoke but I accept it and take a hit. That’s when a rather drunk looking girl sits down next to me. She is leaning on a guy opposite me so I assume he is her boyfriend who is just looking rather European aloof. But then she starts leaning on me, so I talk to her by am trying to tip her back onto the other guy. She is saying nonsensical things as if we are having a conversation but I’m not the person she is talking with. Then she reaches out to my face an in one quick motion takes my glasses off saying something like, “let me clean those.” Before I can reach out to get them back she stands up immediately claiming she has lost them. The entire process takes about 2-3 seconds and I’m left without the ability to see.

Immediately I’m crawling on the floor on my hands and knees trying to find my glasses. I have several things working against me such as: being unable to see, the club is dark, people are dancing and only slightly move out of my way. Finally a guy stops to help me and track down the girl who is still drunk and still claiming to have no clue what happened. She says only, “I don’t have them,” leaving me to fend for myself. I ask the bar tender every hour if they have seen them during which time I sit on a chair and ponder my situation.

After the anxiety fades I’m left with total anger at the girl who did this to me. I decide to find her and demand she pay me for the glasses, but at this point I can’t see very far and realize I don’t even remember what she looked like other than she might have been wearing a white tank top. I wait until the end of the night and nothing is turned in. I explain my situation to the bouncer and he gives me a card saying to call back in two days to see if anything is found. Then he asks me,

“Did you hit her?”
“No, I didn’t do anything, she just grabbed my glasses and then they were gone.”
“Well, why didn’t you?” Yeah.. like hitting her would have solved anything.

I take a cab home, having not slept and plan to strike out to find a place to buy new glasses as I will need them for work on Monday. Instead I pass out and wake up at 2pm only to run out frantically looking for a place to get new glasses that day. I went to two places before I had my replacement pair and 15 hours later I could see again.

Those 15 hours were a very strange experience I’ll have to write about another time, because not being able to see long distances (greater than 3 feet) really brings your perspective and view of the world close into you. I realized things such as I didn’t care what others thought of me because I couldn’t see them looking at me. For that matter I couldn’t see what they were wearing so there was no way for me to know if I was matching the fashion or not.